Surface Transportation Program


FFY 2023-2027 Call for Projects

The FFY 2023-2027 STP Call for Projects recently opened on Thursday, January 13, 2022, and closes on Tuesday, March 15, 2022.

Applications for this Call for Projects will be submitted this year using CMAP’s eTIP. Information and instructions on using the eTIP to submit applications can be found in this CMAP PowerPoint from the STP Workshop. In addition to filling out application information listed in the eTIP, applicants must also upload the following documents to the eTIP:

Additional guidance on using the eTIP can be found in the CMAP eTIP User Guide for the DMMC STP Call for Projects

Information about DMMC's FY 22-26 funding mark, and how marks were calculated for Councils across the region can be found in this memo. Please note: The maximum funding award for one project is limited to 50% of DMMC's annual funding mark.

Sponsors of projects currently programmed in 2023, 2024, and 2025 are required to submit a letter signed by the Mayor or Manager of their community reaffirming their commitment to the project.

FFY 2023-2027 DuPage Council Surface Transportation Program (STP)

The DMMC FFY 2023-2027 Surface Transportation Program (STP) contains funding for a variety of transportation projects in DuPage County.

2023-2027 STP Active Program - Updated May 2023

2023-2024 STP Contingency Program - Updated October 2022


Previous Years

2021-2025 STP Active Program - Updated August 2021

2021-2022 STP Contingency Program



DMMC STP Manual -  Revised August 2023

The DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference is the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) designated sub-regional council for DuPage County. Operating as the DuPage Council, DMMC receives approximately $12 million dollars per year in Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds to program for transportation projects in DuPage County.


Transportation Technical Committee

The DMMC Transportation Technical Committee (TTC) oversees the DuPage STP and is made up of representatives from municipalities across DuPage County. The Committee sets Program policies and procedures, including the scoring methodology used to rank and prioritize projects. The Committee meets at least five times per year to program, manage, and monitor DuPage STP projects.

The Transportation Technical Committee Director is Westmont Village Manager Steve May, and the Committee Deputy Director is Elmhurst City Manager Jim Grabowski.

2023 TTC Meeting Dates

-Thursday, August 24 - Agenda and Minutes

-Thursday, July 27 - Agenda and Minutes

-Thursday, May 25 - Agenda and Minutes

-Thursday, April 27 - Agenda and Minutes

-Thursday, April 13 - Agenda and Minutes

-Thursday, March 23 - Agenda and Minutes

2022 TTC Meeting Dates

-Thursday, December 15 - Agenda and Minutes

-Thursday, September 22 - Agenda and Minutes

-Thursday, July 28 - Agenda and Minutes

-Thursday, June 16 - Agenda and Minutes

-Thursday, May 26 - Agenda and Minutes

-Thursday, April 28 - Agenda and Minutes

-Thursday, February 3 - Agenda and Minutes

2021 TTC Meeting Dates

-Thursday, October 28 - Agenda and Minutes

-Thursday, July 22 - Agenda and Minutes

-Thursday, May 27 - Agenda and Minutes

-Thursday, April 22 - Agenda and Minutes

-Thursday, March 25 - Agenda and Minutes

2020 TTC Meeting Dates

-Thursday, December 17 - Agenda and Minutes

-Thursday, October 22 - Agenda and Minutes

-Thursday, October 8 - Agenda and Minutes

-Wednesday, September 2 - Agenda and Minutes

-Thursday, July 23 - Agenda and Minutes

-Thursday, May 28 - Agenda and Minutes

-Thursday, April 23 - Agenda and Minutes

-Thursday, January 23 - Agenda and Minutes


December 8, 2022 - STP Shared Fund, CMAQ, and TAP Workshop

December 8, 2022 - STP Workshop PowerPoint



Contact Matt Pasquini, DMMC Transportation Project Manager at [email protected] or 630-576-9143