Now Open: Surface Transportation Program Call for Projects

The FFY 2025-2029 DMMC Surface Transportation Program (STP) Call for Projects is now open through December 15, 2023. STP is a federal block grant program that aims to assist local agencies with roadway improvement and bicycle and pedestrian trail projects. Most of the funding will be for programming in FFYs 2028 and 2029, but some funding may be available for projects in 2025, 2026, and 2027.

Applications will be submitted using CMAP’s eTIP. In addition to filling out the application information listed in the eTIP, applicants must also upload the following documents:

  • Supplemental Scoring Form (Roadway or Trail)
  • Detailed Cost Estimate/Engineer’s Estimate
  • Scoring Backup Documents (Complete Streets Policy, Phase I Engineering status verification, Freight zoning map, etc.), if applicable

Additional information about how to fill out applications in the eTIP as well as other useful forms and documents can be found on the DMMC STP webpage.