DMMC Unveils New Logo

The DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference (DMMC) is proud to announce the unveiling of our new logo, set to be implemented in the upcoming fiscal year 2024-2025.

The initiative for a new logo was driven by our members, leading to the creation of a Working Group responsible for overseeing the Logo Redesign Initiative. This group established comprehensive guidelines and a structured timeline, ensuring a collaborative and inclusive process.

After an extensive engagement process, which included soliciting design submissions from all member municipalities, the new logo was selected through two rounds of membership voting and received final approval from the Board of Directors. The Conference is pleased to announce that the winning entry was submitted by the City of West Chicago.

Daniel Peck, West Chicago’s Marketing and Communications Manager and the creator of the Conference’s new logo, described the design as follows: “The design incorporates DuPage County’s distinctive shape as a frame for additional details that symbolize the residential, commercial, and open space/nature opportunities the County offers. Each of the interconnected elements reflect the delicate balance within the county and are equally balanced within the design. The deliberate left alignment of the three icons represents the County’s position as a western Chicagoland region, and the sun over the items symbolizes the oversight of the administrators and mayors that guide the prosperity of each facet.”

He further explained, “Overall, the design aims to achieve balance while providing a visually appealing and easily identifiable composition from a distance, along with detailed icons that upon closer inspection reflect the offerings of DuPage County.”

The Conference extends its thanks to all member municipalities that took part in this redesign effort. Their contributions have been invaluable and are a testament to the strong spirit of collaboration that defines the Conference.